yoga for runners

Yoga for Runners

Rolling out a yoga mat may just improve your running skills

Studies show that the strength and flexibility you gain on the mat can help you run more efficiently and stay injury-free. Yoga opens up several muscle groups in the legs such as the quads, IT band,  hip flexors, psoas (core), and hammys.

According to several sources, yoga can be the key to faster running times

The science of cardio exercise and running mechanics are fairly simple. Efficient and fast times are credited to alignment. Building from the ground up, feet to head is key to a successful run. Yoga has the power to change any misalignment in the body… even moving bones over time. Yes, it’s true. Strengthening and lengthening the muscles improves the alignment of the body greatly.

Runners benefit from opening the overworked leg muscles. There is also great benefit to gaining core strength to help towards the middle or end miles of your run.

How does yoga increase your speed?

Apparently, the fastest runners have an amazing 20 – 25% angle at the hip flexor and a 5% arc in the back. Back bends and hip openers provide flexibility which increases speed. If you are a runner, get on your mat and check out the benefits it can provide your body.