Why men should do yoga

Why Men Should Do Yoga

Yoga is not just a sport for women

Fact: Yoga was originally designed for men. Yes, it’s true. Ashtanga was designed for 14-year-old boys many many moons ago. Women were not even allowed to practice yoga back in the day. Of course, times have changed. When yoga moved to the west it became female-dominated with men taking a back seat. However, the number of men rolling out their mats is growing by leaps and bounds each year.

Here are a few reasons why  yoga for men is beneficial:

You will gain flexibility

Fellas, with more flexibility you will be able to play recreational sports with ease. Practicing yoga will not only help with flexibility but also your range of motion, both of which can prevent sports injuries.

You will gain strength

For men that think yoga is feminine, you should come try one of our hot yoga classes and we guarantee you will change your mind on that. Asanas or postures require a different type of strength. Yoga provides a ‘whole body’ work out that fires up your stabilizer muscles while you isometrically contract and strengthen the major muscle groups.

You will feel better

Yoga will help you in all aspects of your life. It will help you tame your inner beast and enhance your ability to focus. You may become less reactive to stressful situations with a stronger connection to peace of mind.  Yoga will harmonize the dimensions of your life including your relationships and your job. The act of mindfulness can help us deal with emotions we may otherwise internalize.

You may not be super bendy and hyper-mobile after your first yoga class. However, with a little patience, it will pay off with time.